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For the Seed or Start-up Phase


Starting and running your own business can be one of the most amazing and fulfilling of life experiences. 


We are here to guide you

Starting and running your own business can be one of the most amazing and fulfilling life experiences… When it all goes well. It also can be high risk and very challenging. It is often said that “with high risk comes high reward”.

There are literally thousands of new start-ups beginning their journey every single day, with entrepreneurs full of hope, dreams and passion. But the reality is that around 90% of these new businesses are not able to continue trading past year three. We want you to be part of the 10% who do make it. There are no guarantees, but we believe that with our help you will significantly increase your chances.

Unless you are a serial entrepreneur working in your countless start-up, you will probably make a number of rookie mistakes. But don’t worry we have all made mistakes, the trick is of course to learn from them. We are experienced in start-ups and so maybe we can help you avoid many of the mistakes we made or have seen.

Each entrepreneur’s situation is different and there are a number of ways we can support you. You may be at the very beginning of your journey with an idea or have a fully formed concept and now you are looking to secure investment. In all cases we always “seek first to understand” we just need to talk you through your current situation before we can identify how we can really help you and of course what that might cost.

But, remember it costs nothing to talk to us.

Mentoring and general business advice

Being a founder can be very lonely, very few people will truly understand what you are going through. We have been there and just having someone who understands to talk to can make all the difference.

Feasibility studies and commercial intelligence gathering

Before you go all in it is a good idea to independently assess the commercial viability of your idea. a small investment now could save you from losing your entire life savings later.

Concept development

We can work with you to develop your concept into a working prototype, our extended network gives you access to a whole host of resources be it technology or physical product. Our aim is to help you build a minimum viable product that will test and prove your assumptions for the minimum amount of cost.

Setting up your company

When you have proven your concept, you will most probably want to set up a separate legal entity to operate your business through. The Companies Act at over 300 pages is one of the UK’s largest pieces of legislation and making sure your company is compliant is time consuming. We can assist with your Company formation and make you aware of your responsibilities.

Business modelling

We have developed a recipe for creating sustainable business models. A business has a model which might not be seen but it can be felt and visualised. The model demonstrates how the business creates value, sells the value, sustains itself and grows.

Financial modelling

Knowing your numbers is a core skill any founder needs to develop, but accurate financial modelling is a niche skill that few have the capability to master. A financial model is your business plan in numbers, it needs to be realistic and deliverable, but ambitious enough to be attractive to potential investors. A robust financial model provides a baseline against which you can monitor and measure your progress.

Business execution planning

Creation of business does not happen through chance, but through flexible, workable and actionable plans. Plans that respond to external changes, influence what can be influenced and learn from both failure and success. Your business execution plans are like the rudder of a ship – they help to steer you in the direction you want to go.

Investor relations

When it comes to finding your investors, we can help you prepare to become investment ready. We will help you develop your ‘data-room’ and suite of the documents you will require like investment memorandums and pitch decks. You will always be the best person to find investors and we will show you how, but where possible we will promote you to our network of potential investors as they trust a relationship built over many years and personal introduction over a cold call.

Documented business processes and standard operating procedures

If you don’t develop a methodical way to deal with the inevitable issues of doing business early on, each time you tackle a challenge you’ll be reinventing the wheel.

Process isn’t only important because it allows you to efficiently and effectively tackle business issues, it’s also crucial because the methods you put in place can help guide the overall direction your business is taking.

Team building

Any successful business that grows will require a team of resources that can execute. We can help to build your resource requirement and organisational structure. In many cases you don’t need to employ, you just need access to outsourced resource. For example, outsourced financial direction.


Try Our Unique Process

Research & Analysis

Our core principle is to “seek first to understand”, we gather valuable commercial intelligence to ensure effective delivery making recommendations based on fact, not fiction.

Roadmap planning

Planning is at the core of everything we do. We take time to map out in detail every task that will be required and communicate the roadmap to ensure transparent understanding.

Execute & Monitor

We practice what we preach. We execute our plans and monitor, measure and report our progress against the plan. This ensures we deliver the value we have mapped out and everyone is aware of what is going on.


Flexible Pricing Models For Every Need

We believe in total transparency and fairness when it comes to our pricing models. We have designed them to be flexible and affordable. We offer a host of services, catered to minimising the burn impact on start-ups whilst offering a complete set of resources spanning from initial strategy to implementation and execution.

We are a time-based service and so offer options. You may prefer to be charged by the hour, alternatively we have fixed price options for much of our work regardless of how much time is spent on the task. We are able to “bundle” services together to give one fixed fee for a scope of work providing greater savings or best value of all we can agree a monthly retention where services are billed as a flat fee per month for access to all resources, network and services provided (fair usage applies) giving peace of mind & fixed transparent costs.

Finally, we also offer a success only fee element as a small percentage of funds raised.  

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